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Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali (Colombia)

Last updated on October 15, 2021 09:06 AM

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Mission Statement:

The Pontificia Universidad Javeriana is a Catholic institution of higher education, founded and run by the Society of Jesus, committed to the educational principles and orientations of the founding entity. It teaches, research and service with excellence, as a university integrated to a country of regions, with a global and interdisciplinary perspective, and proposes:

The integral formation of people who stand out for their high human, ethical, academic, professional and social responsibility quality; the creation and development of knowledge and culture in a critical and innovative perspective, for the achievement of a just, sustainable, inclusive, democratic, supportive and respectful society of human dignity.

Why Spes Nova work with this BDP:

Spes Nova has fostered a relationship with Javeriana Cali over many years. Our students work together to monitor local artisans and products. They play an incredible role in our global network. 

Business Name:

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali

ID Number: 5

BDP Registration Date: October 08, 2019