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Fordham University (United States)

Last updated on January 01, 1970 12:00 AM

About Fordham University :

Students for Fair Trade (SFT) is the official fair trade club at Fordham Rose Hill. Members of SFT work to advocate for fair labor practices, transparent supply chains, and environmental integrity in production. The club has worked closely with the Gabelli School of Business to operate a sales program for artisinal goods made overseas. This developed into a pilot program for Spes Nova. Now, the Spes Nova chapter at Fordham engages with a wide array of undergraduate students through the club, service learning initiatives and classes. 

Mission Statement:

Students for Fair Trade promotes a social justice approach to business and commerce. The club seeks to educate Fordham students about the impact that their consumer choices may have on impoverished producers and laborers in the developing world and advocates for the purchase of fair trade products or those that are produced in ethical, safe and fair working conditions. In addition, Students for Fair Trade raises awareness about the realities of poverty, hunger, and other social problems throughout the world that may be alleviated through a more equitable market system of trade and cultural exchange. 

Why Spes Nova work with this BDP:

The Fair Trade Club at Fordham University and Spes Nova have positive sinergies on promoting fair trade at the university, city and regional level.

The Fair Trade Club at Fordham University began working with Spes Nova in 2015 to execute a pilot program. The club works with existing Fordham classes to feature artisinal products on-campus and now through Spes Nova's e-commerce site. There operations serve as a template for other universities in the US and abroad.


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