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At Spes Nova, we rely on kind donors like you!

Big or small, your contribution makes a huge difference in the lives of the artisans and students involved with our organization. Your donation will help Spes Nova cover its operational costs, including reaching out to new artisans, running its website, and providing training and support to its partners around the world.

With your generosity, Spes Nova will move closer towards the goal of eliminating poverty through providing financial assistance and market access to artisans and entrepreneurs in all corners of the globe.

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Who are we?

Spes Nova, which means New Hope in Latin, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on a mission to alleviate poverty by helping fund production, protect assets, and expand the market reach of artisans around the world.

By partnering with academic institutions, Spes Nova leverages the expertise of staff and creativity of students to expand the sales of artisans and entrepreneurs, allowing them to grow their income and escape the cyclical poverty trap. Simultaneously, students are able to gain hands-on business training, engage in service learning, and become global citizens.

Join the Spes Nova family; Join the Spes Nova way.

Spes Nova, providing sustainable, inclusive development for the working poor.