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Nyabigena Soapstone Carvers Cooperative: Carving a New Future for their Community

Manufacturing | Fair Trade

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Nyabigena Soapstone Carvers Cooperative, comprised of 120 artisans in Kisii, Kenya, is in need of pre-production funds to produce their beautiful products. From elegantly designed plates to magnificent animal sculptures, each product has been made with great care and pride. 


This loan will be a pre-production loan to Nyabigena, allowing them to purchase the materials and equipment necessary to fulfill new orders from Spes Nova's network. The loan will also include the cooperatives profit from these orders, allowing them to distribute that money to community initiatives. 


Now, more than ever, Nyabigena Carvers need your support. The Covid-19 pandemic is not over and it has caused the cooperative to suffer both human and business costs. In order to keep their community feed and healthy, they need more orders coming in. Will you assist in making that possible? 

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Dec 9, 2021, 1:42 AM

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Pre-Disbursed:November 4th, 2021 

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