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Arariwa (Peru)

Last updated on January 01, 1970 12:00 AM

About Arariwa :

We are a private non for profit institution, pluralistic and open to the regional population, which promotes sustainable rural development, committed to the development of our region, effectively relating with the state and civil society through the fulfillment of training functions, the appropriate use of renewable natural resources, advice on agricultural production, the promotion of food security and nutrition, strengthening local- regional institutions, and promoting small economic initiatives to open up a space at the local and regional markets.


Mission Statement:

Contribute to regional and national development through the expansion of capabilities and rights of the people; improving th




eir quality of life by promoting its cultural identity and intercultural relations; strengthening democratic institutions and the exercise of citizenship promoting fair equitable and faireconomic growth in pursuit of sustainable human development.

Why Spes Nova work with this BDP:

The Arariwa system is embedded in society and consolidated with policy and secto

rial management proposals, with participation in areas in the macro

south and that has been referred as a regional and national benchmark for their contribution to the development and decentralization.

This field partner possesses these important
Social Performance Strengths:

  • Anti-Poverty Focus

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