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ASUALCAN Family group of artisans from the community La Guadua

ASUALCAN Family group of artisans from the community La Guadua

Six families of artisans, most of them are single mothers. The Group of family artisans, was born as a project of the Committee Socio-Cultural, tourist and environmental ASUALCAN in the year 2006. ASUALCAN is an Association of users created in 1997, to administer the services of water supply and sewerage of Costa Rica, municipality of Geneva, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Being a community organization and having water as a transverse axis to all development, the Board of Directors of ASUALCAN established a Committee. This Committee aims to relate and link to the community organization with a sense of belonging and allowing various initiatives to develop in all fields that affect the quality of life of the community. It was so, as it is formulated family’s artisans of bamboo group project and looking for governmental and institutional support, among others, a group of people who have taste for art and work these products to be sold to tourists in the various festivities of the territory could be strengthened. At the moment, are three families whose members work in workshops located in ASUALCAN facilities and in their homes.


: (57) 23127701528

Contact Email Address

: Modesto.martinez597@gmail.com


: www.spesnova.org


: Ginebra, Valle del Cauca - 763510