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There are many ways to help Spes Nova reach the working poor.

Make a Loan

For many of our supporters, making loans to groups and individuals is their main way of working with Spes Nova.  Your loans go directly to the projects and businesses that you choose and impact individuals, families and whole communities in ways you can hardly imagine.  Our repayment rates are excellent, and we hope you will choose to lend again and again.  Of course, please lend only amounts that are entirely comfortable for you, and know that even the smallest amounts make a real difference.

Please also remember that you are making loans, not donations.  Even though Spes Nova is a 501(c)(3), amounts committed to loans are not tax deductible (please see Terms of Use for details).  We work very hard to achieve high loan repayment rates.  These are fully intended to be loans, not charitable donations.

Buy Products

As described in the Market Developmentsection, a vital part of helping communities break out of poverty is to provide access to global markets for their goods.  Some of our entrepreneurs are remarkably creative and hard working, and their ultimate success could otherwise be limited by the ability of their local communities to absorb their products.  Their handiwork can be extraordinary and, by buying effectively directly from them, can also represent great bargains.  So please shop for yourself or for gifts for others and help complete the virtuous cycle.

As with loans, amounts spent on buying merchandise through Spes Nova are not tax deductible (please see Terms of Use for details).

Make a Donation

If you like our program and can afford to do so, we greatly appreciate your outright donations.  Whether this is a portion of loan repayment, an add-on to a purchase or a separate donation, we appreciate your help.  We are a non-profit, so anything you can donate helps us expand our reach, expand our offerings and reduce any costs we have to pass along to the borrowers or our MFI partners.  Yes, all donations are tax deductible!  Spes Nova is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) organization, so donations are eligible for deduction on U.S. income tax filings.

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We want nothing more than to get better, more efficient and more effective at what we do.  If you have recommendations about our website or any other aspects of our operation, we would love to hear from you (please see Contact Us).