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Libardo Jajoy Mojomboy (Colombia)

Last updated on Apr 23, 2021, 9:34 PM

About Libardo Jajoy Mojomboy : Guillermo Muyuy is an Inga Indian from Putumayo. In their community, it is a fact that from a young age they are taught the techniques to produce handicrafts that they sell informally through social networks. Libardo Jajoy is an Inga Indian from Putumayo. Since he was a child, he learned the art of wood carving with his grandfather. He is currently dedicated to this work and sells his products informally.

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Gender:  Coed

Producer Type:  Group

Total Employees: 2

Contact Email: libardojajoy67@gmail.com

Phone: 3163644734

Website: https://spesnova.org

More About Colombia

Region:  Latin America and Caribbean

Currency:  Colombian Peso

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