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This maroon apron is perfect for the cooking lover in your life! Sewn by disabled artisans in India, this apron serves its purpose with an extra serving of meaning!

One-size fits all.

Product Length (Inches): 27.5
Product Width (Inches): 0
Product Height (Inches): 35.25

Price Breakdown

Producer – $10.00 (100.00%)
Customs – Product was bought by students or we have used other means to save on costs.

University Partner

Field Partner

Fordham University

Spes Nova @ Fordham University is committed to empowering Spes Nova’s artisans around the globe through providing them product and market analysis, business advice, and access to new markets.

Spes Nova @ Fordham has grown out of the Students for Fair Trade Club, which seeks to educate Fordham students about the impact that their consumer choices may have on impoverished producers and laborers in the developing world, and advocates for the purchase of fair trade products, or those that are produced in ethical, safe, and fair working environments. In addition, Students for Fair Trade raises awareness about the realities of poverty, hunger, and other social problems throughout the world that may be alleviated through a more equitable market system of trade and cultural exchange.

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About MESH Maximising Employment to Serve the Handicapped: MESH is an Indian organization practicing Fair Trade with disabled and leprosy affected crafts artisans, for their rehabilitation. They have a shop in New Delhi and work with disabled artisans from all over India. MISSION To provide opportunities for disabled people and people affected by leprosy to achieve social and economic integration by trading. VISION Self-sufficiency for our partners. GOALS To provide opportunities for disabled people and their dependents, especially those affected by leprosy, to be rehabilitated in order to become self-sufficient. To train disabled people to produce goods suited to their capabilities. To serve as a guide in the selection of what will sell best. To assist in obtaining raw materials. To ensure prompt payment for goods to provide constant cash flow and working capital for continued production. To maintain quality control. To provide guidance to village industries in developing cost sheets which include fair wages for the artisans as well as overheads and profits. To secure orders with the aim of providing full-time employment for disabled people.Reviews on this Producer

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