“go Rams” Keychains
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“go Rams” Keychains


Manufactured By: Trinity Jewelry Crafts

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Feel Fordham pride while using this “Go Rams” keychain. Perfect for your room keys or car keys!

Product Length (Inches): 2.75
Product Width (Inches): 0.25
Product Height (Inches): 1

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 7 × 2.8 × .64 cm

Price Breakdown

Producer – $5.00 (100.00%)
Customs – Product was bought by students or we have used other means to save on costs.

University Partner

Field Partner

Fordham University

Spes Nova @ Fordham University is committed to empowering Spes Nova’s artisans around the globe through providing them product and market analysis, business advice, and access to new markets.

Spes Nova @ Fordham has grown out of the Students for Fair Trade Club, which seeks to educate Fordham students about the impact that their consumer choices may have on impoverished producers and laborers in the developing world, and advocates for the purchase of fair trade products, or those that are produced in ethical, safe, and fair working environments. In addition, Students for Fair Trade raises awareness about the realities of poverty, hunger, and other social problems throughout the world that may be alleviated through a more equitable market system of trade and cultural exchange.

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About Trinity Jewelry Crafts : Trinity Jewelry Crafts is a small jewelry-making business located in Kariobangi, one of the more impoverished areas of Nairobi s. Joseph Muchina, the director of Trinity, grew up in a Nairobi slum, which gave him a strong desire to find a way to reduce poverty. With two other founding members of Trinity, he was trained by the National Christian Council of Kenya in jewelry making and they started a small business to employ others in need. In addition to their monthly income, the 7 men and 5 women jewelry makers who work at Trinity all participate in a profit-sharing plan and 10% of their earnings are set aside each month in a pension plan. Joseph says that when they have orders, for the artisan, it means guaranteed food on their table, shelter for those who pay rent, clothing for their families, and most importantly, educational needs for their children. Jewelry from Trinity is handmade, with hammered elements, beads from local family bead producers, and traditional African beads.

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